Data protection declaration for the e-recruiting system of the Bizerba Group

The Bizerba SE & Co. KG and its worldwide affiliated companies (hereinafter jointly or alone called Bizerba) are pleased about your interest in employment in our company and your visit to our Internet pages. This career website and the e-recruiting system are operated by Bizerba SE & Co. KG, Wilhelm-Kraut-Str. 65, D-72336 Balingen, Germany.
By accepting our data protection declaration for the e-recruiting system, you agree that Bizerba may store and process your data for the purposes of application, staffing and recruitment.

Use and disclosure of personal data and earmarking

The personal data entered by you on the E-Recruiting website will be collected, processed and used by Bizerba exclusively for purposes of application processing and in the job filling process. Bizerba stores and processes your data confidentially worldwide in accordance with the valid data protection regulations.
Jobs are filled at Bizerba in cooperation with the responsible employees of our personnel departments and the superiors of the specialist departments. The superiors of the specialist departments as well as the employees of our personnel departments can belong to different Bizerba companies. Therefore, your data can be exchanged worldwide within Bizerba.
Your profile data will only be passed on confidentially and securely to third parties (e.g. service providers) if they are involved in the local staffing process. The service providers are carefully selected. The confidential and secure treatment of your data is ensured by appropriate contracts and regular audits of the providers. Your data will only be transmitted to governmental institutions within the framework of mandatory legal provisions.
Bizerba takes security precautions to protect your data managed by us against manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons as well as against unauthorised disclosure. Our security measures are constantly improved in line with technological developments.

Data erasure

After completion of the application process for which we have received your data, they will be automatically deleted from the system after 6 months. The automatic deletion of your applicant profile will be carried out after 24 months if you decide to use our talent pool.
In the case of applications for a training place or for dual studies, the data will be deleted by September 1 of the following year at the latest as a result of the selection process.
You also have the option of updating or deleting your data/applicant profile in the system at any time.
You can withdraw your application at any time and/or deactivate your approvals. This is taken into account in the application process. You can also delete your external profile at any time or ask us to do so.

1. Application for a specific position, CV or unsolicited application

By applying to Bizerba, you provide Bizerba with your personal data. You have the opportunity to apply for a defined position. Your data will only be made accessible and processed by employees who are entrusted with filling this position. Alternatively, you can post your resume in the E-Recruiting system. Another possibility for you is to submit an unsolicited application without specific reference to a specific position. To this extent, your data can be exchanged worldwide within Bizerba for any suitable job enquiries.
In all cases, you are responsible for ensuring that your information is accurate and truthful. You can view, update and delete the data you have provided at any time via the career portal of the Bizerba website. Please note that changes to your profile will affect all your current applications. If you delete your application, you will no longer be considered in the further staffing process.
If you withdraw your application or at the latest 6 months after completion of an application procedure, the application data will be deleted. Bizerba also reserves the right to delete an application.

2. Position in the Talent Pool

With your consent, your profile can be stored in the Talent Pool of our e-recruiting system for a further 24 months even after completion of an application process. By being added to the Talent Pool, you agree that employees of Bizerba's personnel departments may also assign you to another position. You will be explicitly requested to give your consent to storage in the Talent Pool.
If you no longer wish to do so at any time, you can block your profile at any time so that you no longer have access to us. You can also update or completely delete your profile and your entries at any time.
It is our intention to inform you about the most interesting jobs at Bizerba. Therefore we ask you to update your profile and application data in our system regularly. By providing us with your contact details, you agree that Bizerba may contact you for personnel marketing measures.

3. Adjustment

If you are hired, your data is transferred from the E-Recruiting system to the HR administration systems of the respective country. Your data is stored and processed there as employee data in our HR administration systems.

General information

The data protection principles of the Bizerba Group also apply to this application.

Contact for questions or requests for information

Our data protection officer is your contact for all data protection-related matters and for exercising your rights. Please send your entries to:
or our postal address with the addition "Data Protection Officer".